Trunk shows and lectures may also be scheduled on Zoom.

Nana’s Favorite Quilt


A trip to Nana’s house was always a fun time for me. I loved her embroidered table scarves and many textiles. This little quilt is full of all those visual memories. We will play with thirties fabrics (or maybe your Nana collected Civil War prints) while assembling the center blocks. A bit of paper piecing will speed things along. Next, we’ll explore thread sketching for the embroidered flowers in each basket. The afternoon will be spent learning machine turned edge appliqué for the borders which include lots of flowers and berries. This is a full day class.

Coloring Book Quilting: Playing with stitching, designing, and coloring!


Join Pat as we play with quilt designs, coloring book pages and colored pencils. The latest craze in relaxation is coloring and we’ll take quilt-making to the next step by adding color with pencils to our art quilts. Choose your motif and fill with quilted designs to color. Watercolor pencils blend with water to create more colors and effects. Some free motion quilting experience would be helpful.

You will get a complete kit including design, fill motifs, colored pencils, sealing medium, batting, and fabrics for the top, backing and practice. This class will give you lots of ideas for quilting designs and a whole new look for your quilts.

Building a Visual Vocabulary


The quilter’s dilemma is always to choose an appropriate design to fill a space on the quilt top.  It would be helpful to have a collection of usable designs at your fingertips as you begin to think about your selection. This class will stitch your way through many designs and keep them organized for you. Browsing your collection will undoubtedly inspire your next project!

Down to the Finish: Finishing techniques


An all day class, we will cover many techniques to perfectly finish off your quilt and make it show worthy. Starting from adding borders and making a perfect mitered corner, we’ll even learn how to add a straight, narrow binding. Some of the fine details will include making bias strips, piping and couching. Some of the work will be done by machine, the rest by hand. Intermediate/Advanced

Meet Me at the Bar: Designing Linear Motifs


This class is a great way to think about quilting the quilt. We will discuss designs that will be used for any long, narrow areas or bars such as in log cabin, spider web, courthouse step or pineapple blocks. These also work well in narrow borders and may be adapted to any width border. Besides the many designs in the handouts, we will spend time creating new motifs to work with your own quilts. Even if you are not a confident free motion quilter, you will come away with very doable designs for your quilts. This class incorporates both design work and free motion machine practice in a stress free environment. This is an all day class. All levels.

Quilt the Mini: Sewing and designing techniques


Plan out fresh ideas for machine quilting by stitching out a mini, premarked wholecloth quilt.  The 16” x 16” size makes a doable project to be finished as a pillowtop or wallhanging. Go beyond the usual, and refresh your ideas for traditional or modern quilts. You will find many designs to use on your next quilt-mini or full size.

Tickle Me with Feathers: Playing with plumes


You've been waiting to learn how to stitch beautiful feathers! We will begin with a basic feather shape and then see how many variations we can devise. We will discuss feathers for all types of quilts including traditional, modern and whimsical. Practice makes perfect, and a few tips will take you to the next level. We will fit them into various shapes on your quilts and we will discuss threads to enhance your feathers. This is a stress free class that will have you swirling and twirling those plumes like a pro. This is an all day class. All levels.

Fills, Feathers, and Fancies: Expanding your quilting vocabulary


Tired of the same old stippling? Perk up your machine quilting with a new vocabulary of designs for filling spaces and backgrounds. Heirloom quilting is done with little or no marking. You will end up with a portfolio of stitches to get your creativity flowing.

Ready, Set, Sew! Revving up with machine quilting


Ladies, start those machines! Pat Delaney, a machine quilter with awards from Vermont Quilt to Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival to The Gathering, will introduce you to the basic machine-quilting skills that will shift your quilting into high gear! Topics include using stencils, graphic inspirations, freehand techniques, stippled designs, and more.

Hue Can Do It! 7 tricks for picking a palette


Choosing a color scheme for your quilt doesn’t have to be a challenge. Learn easy tricks from Pat Delaney, winner of numerous color awards from Vermont Quilt to Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival to The Gathering. We’ll play with fabric and glue and experiment to discover the secrets to successful color choices. We’ll also discuss the importance of value in making your quilts lively and interesting. Non-sewing.

Take a Mock on the Wild Side: An intro to mock appliqué techniques


Mock hand appliqué, a method of machine work, is much faster than hand appliqué, yet it looks nearly identical. We'll explore various shapes and curves, and by the end of the class, we'll end up with a large block suitable for a quilt block or pillow top. Once the technique is mastered, virtually all appliqué designs can be done with heirloom quality by machine.

Cherry Fizz: Paper piecing techniques


This is one of the happiest quilts you will ever see! It is filled with bubbles and fizz and the bright colors light up the dark background. Paper piecing makes it fast and accurate. You can make it scrappy, as Pat did, or choose a set of colors to repeat in each block. The border is a snap with paper piecing and you can decide to add prairie points, piping, beading and buttons or not. This is an all day class. All levels.

Iced Blueberries: Techniques for traditional blocks


One of Pat's most popular patterns, this class covers traditional piecing, fused appliqué with blanket stitching and shark tooth edging. Flock of geese blocks contrast beautifully with the flowing tulip, leaf and berry design of the border. Choose one color and white or a variety of fabrics in the same color family with a neutral. This class makes a lap size quilt or the beautiful, original border can be expanded to create a larger version. This is an all day class. 

New York Beauty Floral: Appliqué and paper piecing


This class uses Pat's original pattern of her prize winning quilt. The New York Beauty block is paper pieced insuring that every point is effortless and perfect. Pat will guide you through the steps for choosing a successful color scheme. The skills learned will include paper piecing, color and value choices and machine turned edge appliqué. This is an all day class. 

Sugar Maple Runner: Paper piecing and applique techniques


Crisp fall air brings the autumn hues of the sugar maple leaves. This sweet little table runner brings these beautiful colors to your table. A maple syrup colored background showcases the leaf fabrics and autumn colors of the leaves .Paper piecing makes each block perfect. Simple techniques bring great results. You can choose a rounded end or squared off table mat to fit your table. This is a great small project to kick off the season that will use some of the beautiful fabrics available.

The Beauty of New York Blooms Again: Techniques for paper piecing and machine appliqué


This quilt has it all! The colors are very appealing, the appliqués are gorgeous and the blocks are made easily and precisely with paper piecing. This was my 9-11 quilt so there is special meaning in the New York Beauty blocks.  You can make it with florals as I did or choose another type of fabric (batiks, thirties, polka dots, ???) to play with. Whatever your heart desires! This is basically an organized scrap quilt, so, many fabrics can be used and it is a great excuse to go fat quarter shopping! The skills we will explore include paper piecing, machine turned edge appliqué, color theory, and future quilting options.



We see it everywhere, every day. It can both grab our attention or just lie in the background. Pat will explore the origin (How is it made?) and the symbolism (Where did it come from?) with you. Red is woven throughout our language in common sayings and it is buried deep in our memories.

Pat’s own associations and memories with the color red have formed her collections and influenced the palettes for her quilts. Come and learn—you will be “seeing red” in all its glory while discovering what it can do in your quilts!

Under the Bedclothes


We layer up our quilts with piecing, batting, backing and quilting, but the last, not so obvious, layer is often the story. Sometimes we know exactly what the quilter was thinking, but other times it is helpful to know the story under the bedclothes. A little background on the quilter herself will often fill in some of the blanks.

This presentation will show my quilts in the context of my journey to quilting and give a brief explanation of my inspirations and ideas. I love to bring lots of my quilts for you to look at, too! 

Thinking of Hue


This is a trunk show of my quilts with a focus on color. I'm known for vibrantly colorful quilts with lots of pattern and detail. I explain the inspiration and idea for many of my designs and, as always, I bring many actual quilts for everyone to see after the presentation.

This show works well with a follow-up class on color. 

Something New on Every Quilt


This standard trunk show illustrates the progress in my quilting style and complexity. I make a conscious effort to try something new in each quilt, and this lecture chronicles my journey. I bring more than twenty five quilts, and everyone is welcome to view and examine them after the presentation. 

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